Do renewals affect the main ratelimit?

Hi again,

I am really sorry for putting these perhaps strange questions here, but it all belongs to a bigger topic.

So, here is another unusual question, this time with a scenario to make it a bit clearer:


  1. I have ordered 50 certs for a single domain, all on the same day. Like:, ...
  2. The next 7 days I cannot order cert number 51 ( for that domain as I would hit the main ratelimit (50 certs max), so far so good.
  3. Now, 8 weeks later, I renew these 50 certs from 1), so far so good.
  4. In this week, can I order a NEW cert number 51 for that domain ( Or did the 50 "renews" in 3) also affect the main ratelimit for that domain?

The above scenario is NOT about "I can do renewals even if the main ratelimit for new certificates is exceeded", that is explained it the doku.
My question is about the other way around: Can I get NEW certs for a domain in case I did 50 renewals in that domain-scope already in that week?

Thank you - and this is so far my last question :slight_smile:


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