Do I need to revoke or do anything if moving servers and want to 'start over'?



Love this tool. Community appears great. I’ve done searching and I see this question asked but I’ve got a particular question that differs slightly I believe.

I’ve got a domain that I connected to a vps over at digital ocean. I used their fantastic guide to setup a letsencrypt certificate for that domain / vps. I now want to move that domain to be used at a service called cloudcannon (I’m using Jekyll). I’ve gotten an invite to the private beta for SSL there.

Here’s where Im at. I can either grab the credentials from my current vps and repurpose them on cloudcannon. However I’m thinking it might be better to start over. Before I delete this VPS do I need to revoke the certificate? If I end up repurposing the certificate how to do I find the pubkey? I seem to have identified the priv key and other things cloud cannon would want. The server used a cron job to renew the certificate. With the server deleted and cloudcannon not being able to do cronjobs for something like this, how would I handle this? And lastly, I’d ask that the focus be a bit more on how to properly revoke and or stop using the certificate is the main focus. Even though I have a few other questions re: migration, I’m a tad more interested in starting over, just for my own edification. But I’m so nervous about deleting the VPS only to find that I didn’t revoke the certificate properly and will be stuck not being able to setup a new one.

I’m happy to hear ‘don’t worry it doesn’t matter.’ But I just need certainty. Most of the searched threads I found re this topic are addressed by a helpful user who merely asks ‘but why would you want to revoke’. He just doesn’t elaborate enough to make me feel comfortable just deleting. I’d just really wanna know that I can delete the server and start over from a different service provider. But any info you can provide would be helpful.


You only need to revoke a certificate if someone you don’t trust has the private key and cert (to try and prevent them using it). As that is not the case, you can simply delete it, There is zero point in revoking it.


Okay. And so just to be clear. When I attempt to create a new certificate an hour from now, the fact that there is an unused certificate out in the ether will have no effect on my ability to do so?

Thank you.


That’s correct. The only thing that matters in that regard are the rate limits, and they’re not affected by revocation in any way.


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