DNS problem: query timed out

Does anyone else have a lot of trouble with getting DNS timeout or HTTP timeouts trying to create or renew certificates?
I’ve only used letsencrypt a few times so far and pretty much every time I’ve had the same issue. A few hours or a day later it will suddenly work fine, then I’ll come to renew and the same issue again.

At the moment I’m getting the following error -

The server could not connect to the client to verify the domain :: DNS problem: query timed out looking up A for www.zeelsolutions.com. Skipping.

This domain has been up and running for years, and web logs show it’s accessed constantly. I’ve tested A lookups from various locations and have absolutely no issue looking up the IP address or accessing the website. I really don’t understand why certbot seems to report continued issues…

I’ve noticed a lot of older messages here with the same issue. Some appear to be issues at LE, while others are blamed on the users’ domain (although often the DNS issues mentioned shouldn’t affect a simple A lookup).

I just seem to really struggle getting certificates issued for websites that, for all other purposes, seem to be working perfectly fine.

Tried again about an hour ago and it renewed fine…

Not had any responses here yet but is LE normally this flaky or am I doing something stupid…?

That’s odd. I don’t see anything obviously wrong. What DNS software are you using, and what version? Do you have a firewall or DDoS scrubbing appliance in front of your nameservers?

Generally speaking, Let’s Encrypt is not super flaky about DNS lookups, so I’m guessing there’s something unusual going on, but I can’t see what.

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