DNS plugins for HostGator DNS

Hi, Im trying to use an automatic DNS plugin for my HostGator DNS, is the RFC able to work with it?

I did the manual and works but I cannot be changing manually the dns TXT records each time I need a certificate, or is there a way to use always the same TXT records?

also if I use manual I cannot renew it automatically


Hi @scgm11

you have to change the dns TXT entry, if you want a new certificate.

No, this isn't possible.

Letsencryt must check that you are the domain owner. So one new order -> new token (random strings) per domain name -> computed value used token and your account key -> set as TXT entry.

Do you need a wildcard certificate? If not, is it possible to use http-01 - validation?

To answer your other question, Hostgator has no API and doesn’t support RFC2136. You can always choose to use a different DNS host, there are numerous free ones that fit the bill and are supported by Certbot or other ACME clients.

You can even just CNAME only the TXT requests to another DNS provider/service.
[without any DNS heavy lifting]

Or use multiple DNS providers for DNS.
[much better resiliency/scalability/visibility]

Note: I don’t sell any DNS products.
I use a lot of them :slight_smile:

I need wildcard cause I need to validate also private ips so I think Im stuck with paying the certificates

If you have access to your own DNS server, or an IP that can serve DNS, you can handle the DNS authentication yourself.

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