DNS Hosting TXT size limits & the V2 API

Some DNS-hosting limit the length of the TXT-record to 255 bytes. This is not enough to accommodate the required value.

Why not? DNS-01 record values are about 45 bytes long.

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Hi @shamka,

I split this thread from the original topic. I don’t believe your remark about DNS TXT length limits applies to the V2 API.

As @mnordhoff mentions (thanks!) a limit of 255 bytes should be sufficient. The DNS-01 challenge mechanism used by the V2 API remains the same as the DNS-01 mechanism from the V1 API and we haven’t heard about any issues with the length of the TXT record.

Can you expand on why you think a 255 byte TXT limit is problematic?

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I made a mistake and tried to place the signed hash in the field, instead of a simple hash.
Problem solved. Thanks to all.

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