Discrepancy between Let's Encrypt expiration notice and actual certificate expiration date

Hello Let's Encrypt Community,

I recently received an expiration notice for my domain's SSL certificate, which stated that the certificate for pools4you.net.au (and its www subdomain) would expire on February 16, 2024. However, upon checking the certificate details directly on my server, I found that the actual expiration date is March 31, 2024.

I am reaching out to understand why there might be a discrepancy between the expiration date provided in the Let's Encrypt notice and the one that is currently set on the server. Could this be due to multiple certificates being issued for the same domain, or is it possible that the reminder was sent out in error? I have attached a screenshot from my server showing the later expiration date.

I would appreciate any guidance or steps I should take to ensure that my renewal process aligns with the correct expiration date and to prevent any future confusion.

Thank you for your assistance!

Best regards,

@dcomley , welcome to the community!

If you have a certificate that is newer than the e-mail referring to, then you can disregard the notification. Likely there is changes on the list of domain names in the certificate, and the notification process may not know about that a different certificate is used.


The certificate you got on Jan1 does not have your root domain in it. It has just the www subdomain. It is probably a mistake but if you're fine with that that's up to you.


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