Delete my domain name in my post

Hi, I marked my post as being answered, but now I can’t edit it. I want to delete/rename my domain name in the post. I am getting more attacks than usual on my server. Please allow me to delete my domain name from my post and rename it to Others can still read the post and get help from it but it doesn’t actually need to have my domain name on there now that the issue is solved.

If you can’t allow me to edit out my domain name I would like to just delete the whole thing.

For what it’s worth, it may not be connected to this forum. Scans and attacks wax and wane, and the hostnames in recently logged certificates get scanned by various parties. And every IPv4 address and domain name gets scanned and attacked to some extent.

While that may be the case, why leave details about the configuration of my server up for the world to see? People can still get help from the post without knowing my domain.

Most scanners just started going through ip number and port sequences at an extremely fast rate which is more efficient then scraping a forum for a domain. Even with a home connection and no visible ports I get thousands per day and it has been this way for at least 15 years since I had the capability of seeing this info. Anyone who has ever gotten an email from me knows my domain but all scans and login attempts do not even come from the same countries as people I ever emailed nor are pointed at my domain, it’s purely IP scanning and finding an open port for a given service then trying to log into that service.

On my PBX, none of the crack attempts are even pointed at the domain, they scan, they find sip ports and try to get free voip by the IP, never the domain. I usually get these attacks three or more times per week with a few hundred various attempts at a time. VOIP fraud is really big now. They never have been able to get a route for their attempted usage thus no calls are ever successful. All numbers, no domains.

They are always trying to log on with passwords here. Over and over and over. I used to block by IP but I got tired of bothering.

It looks like @mnordhoff made the required edit (thanks!)

I’m going to close this thread since your request has been handled. Thanks!