Debian machine has certbot-auto and letsencrypt-auto can add cloud flare dns

I’ve got two machines. One I can use certbot challenge cloudflare dns with no problems.

The other I cannot. This one if I type certbot it finds no binary. But the certificate command that I currently use is certbot-auto with manual dns update.

I’d like to use cliudflare for this also, but typing certbot-auto plugins shows no cloudflare, and if I install with pip it still does not show up.

Both systems seem to be git based. I assume there are Debian/Ubuntu packages? It’s hard to tell when looking through the documentation as to what is the old/new ways of doing things.

What versions of Debian and Ubuntu?

certbot-auto is generally fine, but it doesn’t yet support a convenient way to install the DNS plugins; you’re probably best off installing Certbot from the packages if possible.

Debian packages python3-certbot-dns-cloudflare in stretch-backports, buster and sid.

Ubuntu packages it in bionic and cosmic.

The Certbot PPA packages it for trusty, xenial and bionic.

If you’re on one of those OSes, you can just set up the repository (if necessary) and “sudo apt-get install certbot python3-certbot-dns-cloudflare”.

If you’re on a different release, it will be more difficult.

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