Cloud Flare Bash hook script - V 0.1 Beta - DNS 01 challenge


Hi to all,
I’m a PHP developer; I’m fascinated with Let’s Encrypt + Cloud Flare DNS management via API for free and…
I did try (with success for my own domains!) to write a open source, MIT licensed, hook for dehydrated.

If you know, with dehydrated you can complete DNS challenge. The only one script / hook for Cloud Flare I did find was in python. I would in bash and… 0.1 beta is here.

I need help from you to test, test, test and render 1.0 final.

Contributors are welcome as well!

I repeat myself… I don’t want spam but enlarge the community.

Have a nice day!

Project on Github:


Hi @sineverba,

Thanks for working on this. Are you familiar with the existing certbot-dns-cloudflare plugin?


Unfortunately, python is not my language … This is the reason to “port” in bash other python DNS01 challenge package… :frowning:


Oh sorry, I was slightly confused about the purpose of your project. I misread your post and thought that you had already finished with adding CloudFlare support to dehydrated and were now planning to add it to Certbot. But now I see that you specifically want to add it for dehydrated and are still working on that goal. In that case, I can see why the certbot-dns-cloudflare plugin is less relevant to you.

Good luck with your project!


Thank you for the good luck… This is for a free (better) open world :slight_smile:


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