Debian Let's encrypt automation

I have made some scripting to automate the certificate creation and renewal, I have added some functionalities simple but I think useful:

-Precheck if the challenge directory is reachable.
-Check the expire date of the certificate an renew only when an specified number of days is reached.
-Alert with an email if the process of renewal is failing.
-Check all the existing certificates

I have done with some curl and openssl stuff, you can see the details here

Please feedback!


Thank you very much for your work. I use your script on three nodes now.

Just one Question: Why don’t you added #!/bin/bash at the top?

And you can strip the --agree-dev-preview now :slight_smile:

I simply use the same command line options for letsencrypt-auto plus the --renew-by-default parameter put these into monthly cron job and thats it :slight_smile: no need to have a additional script.

yes, that works too. But the script from damiasol checks if its Necessaire to renew.
And you dont have to create a new cron for every cert, because the script take care of all issued LE-Certs on the Server

Noted, for the next release of the script. Thx!