Creating the correct TXT entry

Sorry but I’m having the same exact errors as the OP.

Certbot tells me to add the

with this value


So on my DigitalOcean dashboard I’ve added this TXT record:

Then I proceeded to verify the propagation of the record on and yet Certbot returns the same error as the one posted by OP.
I’m banging my head on the wall for this issue for a while and I really don’t know how to fix this.

Hi @nickramos94

no, you have a completely different error.

You have created the wrong TXT entries - see must be the domain name, but your menu may add, so create only an entry with _acme-challenge as name.

Must look like

PS: Use the field “Hostname” with _acme-challenge.


Thank you so much, certbot succesfully completed the procedure but unofrtunately it turns out that the wildacard subdomains are still not certified, while the main website ( it is, but that was certified previously.

I followed this guide to certifiy the subdomains.

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