Create a cert without having a domain


Hey, i justed want to ask if you could allow cert for just ip addresses. I need a cert for my little kvmserver and it would be nice if i could create a cert.


There are no plans to support IP-based certificates.

There are options that allow you to get free domains and DNS hosting, if that’s the concern. For example, you could get a .tk domain plus CloudFlare for DNS.


If it’s for the internal use or testing, you can just use a self-signed certificate. You can generate it in one click using the Self-Signed Certificate Generator. You don’t have to use a domain for that - IP (both v4 and v6), URI or email will be accepted just fine.

If you need a proper trusted cert though, then of course using a free domain makes sense (you can get quite a few extensions at Freenom for example).


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