cPanel to CentOS 7 failover situation

I have a cpanel server with autossl, lets call it, and a backup centos web server that only does http using lightspeed. It is called and uses certbot.

I have dns configured for my website to use the ip address of host A if its up, and fail over to the ip address of host B if it is down.

The only issue is how to renew the ssls on host B. It seems to only work if it is in failover mode, and I think that will be a problem when it comes time to renew them if host a is up.

Would I be better off just to copy the cert files from the cpanel server to the centos server than to try and auto renew with new certs?


Since this is a duplicate of cPanel to CentOS 7 failover I’m going to close this thread to consolidate discussion.