CPAN Net::ACME2 - ACME/IETF client

This is first-stab at porting Net::ACME to use the new IETF version of the protocol.

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Hi @FGasper,

Does Net::ACME send a distinct User Agent in its HTTP requests? I took a quick look at the Perl source and it doesn’t look it does, but I’m certainly not a Perl programmer and might be wrong!


It does, because its HTTP client subclasses HTTP::Tiny, a core module.

> perl -Ilib -MNet::ACME::HTTP_Tiny -e'Net::ACME::HTTP_Tiny->new()->get("http://localhost:8080/")'
> nc localhost 8080 -l
GET / HTTP/1.1
Host: localhost:8080
User-Agent: Net-ACME-HTTP_Tiny/0.12
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Aha! Perfect. Thank you for the quick response :slight_smile:

(I was trying to gauge ACMEv2 staging usage by client)

Ah. If you want Net::ACME2, that’ll be:


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