Could not obtain directory: cURL error 35 and 56: TCP connection reset by peer

I am using the integrated letsencrypt within Plesk (CentOS 7.9.2009) but since a few days I keep receiving a cURL error 56 followed by 35 after a few requests which leaves me to thing that my server IP has been banned.

Where can I request a whitelist?

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We haven’t added any IP blocks during that timeframe.


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I am witnessing a similar behavior using the script (latest version 3.0.5) on Arch Linux.

Apparently, in a non-deterministic way, but for the majority of requests, curl fails with exit code 35 or 56.

Among the affected URLs are:

I am experiencing the same behavior on a different machine (Ubuntu) at a different physical location, which leads me to think that the problem may not be local :thinking:

Does anyone have a hint? Thank you.

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For the record, everything started to work again after a few days without me changing any configuration... :person_shrugging: :slightly_smiling_face:

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