Confusing documentation about rate limit


Rate limit documentation says

“To make sure you can always renew your certificates when you need to, we have a Renewal Exemption to the Certificates per Registered Domain limit. Even if you’ve hit the limit for the week, you can still issue new certificates that count as renewals. An issuance request counts as a renewal if it contains the exact same set of hostnames as a previously issued certificate. This is the same definition used for the Duplicate Certificate limit described above. Renewals are still subject to the Duplicate Certificate limit.”

So are Renewals exempted or are Renewals still subject to the Duplicate Certificate limit, which is 5 certificates per week?


Renewals are exempt from the Certificates per Domain limit, but not from the Duplicate Certificate limit. To put it another way: you can always renew your certificate but you can’t renew it a hundred times a day. :slight_smile:


Thanks Jacob for your quick reply.


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