Configuring https server from other domain

Dear Sir,

Let me explain you my scenario: Suppose I have a site: . I have another domain which is I would like to configure HTTPS for my server in this way if anyone call the domain then the request will fire an api from site. Let me give you an example:

suppose a user calling below URL:

then the above URL will call the jsp program like below:

APATCHE/TOMCAT is running in the server

can you clarify whether this is possible using LET’S ENCRYPT?


Hi @hafiz

that has nothing to do if you use a Letsencrypt or another certificate.

It should work. Create certificates (or buy these), then install these.

Hi JuergenAuer,

Thanks for your reply. That means both way will work and I can proceed with LET’S ENCRYPT.



Start with the basics

then select a client:

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