Configuring a cert for IIS

I have a Linux box where, over a year ago, I’ve set up certs for that server using dehydrated; I now want to create a cert for a Windows 2016 Server system which is on the same domain as my Linux box. The app uses IIS. Can i create the cert on the Linux box and import it? Is that the most straightforward way to get a new cert, or would it make sense to install the creation tools on the Windows box itself?




Of course! (That may create a littble bit trouble though...)

This would make the most sense.. But depending on what server is actually using the domain, you should (at least, most commonly) create the certificate on that machine and import to other services.

P.S. Are the linux box & your IIS server use the exact same domain (e.g. both are used for the same hostname & website?)

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No - the IIS server is a different subdomain - completely unique as far as the Linux box, which hosts the domain and www sites. goes.

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In this case, you could just make a new certificate on that windows server to save time copying(if your router support domain based port forwarding or you've found a way to archive that)

Check the following page to see a list of ACME clients:

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Thanks! Much appreciated.


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