Configure Lets Encrypt certificate on Kubernetes Ingress

Can you kindly help me with the steps to configure Let’s Encrypt Cert on Kubernetes Using Ingress Service? Thanks

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Are you using Bitname? Does perhaps this guide help?:


Thanks Osiris so much for your help. I will try to implement this if i get stuck i would request for help

We already have an existing ingress configured as below

suv@Suvankars-MacBook-Pro[12:29:04]:~$ kubectl get ingress thermeon-webs-gateway
NAME                    HOSTS   ADDRESS         PORTS     AGE
thermeon-webs-gateway   *   80, 443   30d

We have 3 pods running which were using certificate bundles from some other source but we had faced some problems and currently want to move to Let’s encrypt

I went through the below documentation that you have suggested


As per my understanding we just need to implement step 3 and switch our ingress to start using it.

Can you kindly help me if any other steps need to be followed to have an existing ingress start using a new certificate mechanism - Let’s encrypt? If you can help me with the steps it will really be helpful as I am bit new to this.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Personally, I absolutely have no idea, just found the guide. I don’t have experience with Ingress nor Kubernetes. So perhaps someone else can help you with this, I hope.

No problem Osiris. If any one has any idea on this topic and can help it will be really great. Thanks

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