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I have a domain name (via that is pointing to my static website.
At AWS I have a seperate webapplication that is running on a EC2 (VPS) instance.
I would like to secure that webapplication using Traefik with Let’s Encrtypt.

I can create subdomains. It is possible to create A-records, etc.

Can I create a subdomain that is pointing to the AWS webapplication or must a subdomain point to a subfolder of the domain?
Can I get a certificate on a domain and use it for a subdomain at AWS?

SO: How can I create a setting so that I can use let’s encrypt providing a certificate for the AWS webapplication?


Of course, if you set your DNS records properly. The biggest thing to avoid in that case is a wildcard record for the main domain.

Yes, if it’s a wildcard cert. Otherwise, a cert for will only cover, not,,, etc. If you want to cover subdomains, you’d either specifically name them in the cert, or add a wildcard of * (which will include any subdomain, but not


Thank you.
When I register a new domainname (say and I point it to a VPS on AWS. So an EC2 instance.
Is it possible to get a certificate from Lets Encrypt in that case?

COntext:I would like to put a Traefik docker container at the entrance of my AWS VPS. That Traefik docker container will use Lets Encrypt to facilitate the SSL.


That should be very straight forward - yes.
Allow port 80 to reach the ACME client and it can get a cert for FQDNs pointing to that IP.

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