Cloudways Auto-Renew fails due to .htaccess

Hi I found a similar topic but I couldn’t tell if it was relevant to my issue as well. I have a Wordpress site running on a Cloudways server. Let’s Encrypt Certificate works great but the auto-renewal always fails. I have to rename the .htaccess and then the renewal works. This last time I tried commenting out some of the security commands I have in there (deny access to wp-config and wp-login) but it still failed until I renamed the whole file. I didn’t want to keep trying things in case there was a limit to the number of failed renewal attempts.

You can put this at the top of any .htaccess file to prevent issues:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^.well-known/acme-challenge - [L]

It will prevent any subsequent rewrite rules from interfering with requests to the HTTP challenge resource.

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Excellent thank you! I will add that and see if it works in 3 months! :wink:

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