Auto-renewal with WP Encrypt not working

I do not have shell access and my hosting provider is not one of the ones that supports Let’s Encrypt. So, I used the Wordpress plugin WP Encrypt to register and generate a certificate for one of my client’s sites - Bistro d Asia Coronado and the Really Simple SSL plugin to handle the migration to https.

I checked off the box to have the certificate auto-renew, but it did not work and the certificate expired on 02/14/17. And now the plugin developer has posted that he no longer will support the plugin as he doesn’t have the time, so there is no help there.

So, what are my options to renew this certificate and others that will also expire?


use on of the other clients available here:

things like the wordpress plugins automate the process but you can do it

note: there are a few other PHP libraries which you can use to setup the renewals

looks like it’s still WIP is this the client you were talking about?

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