Cloudfront and node.js certs renewal strategy

So I have a website that is hosted on (aws cloudfront -> aws s3) and (aws ec2)

Both are on a ssl. How do I use letsencrypt? I can’t understand how will autorenew my cloudfront custom ssl?

Looks like a painful process to manually renew. What’s a strategy to automatically renew my certs?

Hi @gs11118

if you have already SSL, I don't understand your question.


Then select a client.

If you have problems creating a certificate, answer all of the template questions you have seen.

My question is how would you autorenew them? The problem with your link is that is assuming I have 1 HTTPS server . I have 2 HTTPS servers and 2 cloudfront distributions… How do I update the cloudfront dist automatically?

Is it a good stategy to have the HTTPS server send AWS commands to the cloudfront distributions with the new SSL certs?

If you're talking about the certificates used on the CloudFront servers, why not use a free certificate from AWS Certificate Manager? Amazon makes automated renewal simple.

Yes, that could work.

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