Cloudflare + Lets encrypt + gandi simple hosting

Hello experts,

i successfully managed to install lets encrypt with gandi´s lets encrypt plugin and some :sunglasses: help on a simple hosting instance. Now i want to involve cloudflare for the DNS/ caching and the possibility to hide the IP of the server. In the past days several attemts failed , had allways a too many redirects error . Anyone on here had success with this combination ?

Thanks in andvance :smile: :closed_lock_with_key:

It should just work, when you change the option in cloudflare to use the DNS / caching. Can you turn it on, and provide the URL so we can see what the redirects are ?

We currently offer the possibility to serve a "custom" cert to the visitor in the Business plan upwards.

200 $ per month :smile:

CloudFlare also offers what they call “Universal SSL” to all customers, including free plan (see FAQ). With Universal SSL enabled, you may want to use Let’s Encrypt to secure the connection between CF and Gandi (although you could use CloudFlare’s internal Origin CA for that), but your visitors will see the CloudFlare verified certificate.

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It should be noted though that:

Sites using UniversalSSL are issued SHA2+ECDSA certificates, which require clients that support TLSv1.2 and SNI.

So, whoever is using those, should be prepared to lose 10 to 15% of users with the browsers not supporting that or having such support disabled by default (like IE up to and including v 10).


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