Client availability

Hi, (and thanks for doing this)

I’ve probably missed the information somewhere, but…

Do you have any published estimation for the client software release date?

As soon as the first version is released, the different Linux distribution communities (and well as BSD, etc.) must make software ‘packages’ for the client software in all the different formats. This will take some time, so we (the “end-users”) will have some more time to wait before we can become operational. Eager as we are to start using this, it would be nice to have some kind of horizon for when we could hope to go on-line with one (or more) Let’s Encrypt certificate(s).

The client is available and ready for testing today at However, there are still lots of changes that need to go in before we launch. We have been in touch with people who maintain packages for various distributions and plan to coordinate releases with them, so packages will be available as soon as possible. I think we can’t guarantee that distribution packages will be available on launch day, especially for Extended Support Releases of distributions, but we are going to do the best we can on that front.