My domain is:

We requested our hosting provider to set up a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate for our client. The certificate was to be set up for the default domain The domain has a 301 redirect to

When typing into the URL on Chrome and Edge in a desktop and mobile version (after clearing cache as well) the following error displays:

Our hosting provider has reported the following:

"I have taken a look at the settings on your server and I can that the SSL certificate is assigned to "" and that the bindings for this are set correctly. I have included a screen capture of this configuration below specific for the certificate for reference"

On reading the following thread in this forum:

in particular:
".......So, the solution was generate the certificate for the main domain (e.g: "") but also for the alias or subdomain (e.g: "")."

we requested that hosting providers check the alias or sub domain to which there response was:
"The certificate installed on the server does not include aliases or subdomains it is only for the domain ""."

Do we need to set up a 2nd certificate for the domain

How do we resolve the error on the domain

if you browse to no redirect happens if you use the HTTPS protocol

the HTTP version redirect to HTTPS

the certificate bound to that domain is also expired

the certificate issued does not include the www subdomain.


Yes it should

Ask the person who created the certificate to get one that covers both the and


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