Check-your-website-server: I content problems

Due to some conflicting installations of third-parties software in my Ubuntu 18.04.01 Server Edition I needed to wipe everything out and reinstall Ubuntu again (no network connection anymore).
I kept a copy of /etc/ssl/certs folder and /etc/letsenctypt folder , and o /etc/nginx/conf.d/default.conf file and then copied everything into the freshly installed Ubuntu 18.04.01 Server system.

I just restored the nginx server and when checked in

I got Content problems - mixed content, missing files etc.
What does it mean? I guess there is something missing in the nginx configuration, because the content of the website didn’t change since last time it was functioning.
What should I check and verify?

Hi @marcoippolito

please read the output -

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Sorry @JuergenAuer I didn’t realize it’s actually a pure-content problem. I wonder what happened. But I will figure it out. And on Friday I will ask you in a different question how to renew the certification for So, please, patiently forgive me for my “pressing” questions I will ask you.
Thank you

Check the comments - part.

Should be a Grade C. It’s not a certificate problem, it’s “only” a (small) content problem.

But there are

  • http links
  • https with ip addresses (can’t work)
  • https with expired certificates (other domains)
  • https to not existing domains or files, status 401, 500 etc.
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