Challenge Invalid

From one server width LE client I’ve got challenge token(filename) + keyAuth(content) for one of my domains that is located on another server. When i got challenge , i use timeout (60s) while putting file to that another server, but after triggering challenge, it’s invalid. Why?

Forgot to say:
return correct content.

Hi @RealSonic,

The error message returned from the server should indicate the value that it was expecting and the value that it actually received. Can you look that up? Did you see it in your client output?

Depending on your servers’ configuration, their access to one another, and your ability to interconnect them (with some type of folder sharing or drive mapping)…
You may be able to permanently connect WEBSERVER to CERTBOTSERVER for all challenge requests:
with something like:
Alias /.well-known/acme-challenge/ //CERTBOTSERVER/remote-alias-for-.well-known-acme-challenge-folder/
So that the requests on http://WEBSERVER/.well-known/acme-challenge/ go directly to the CERTBOTSERVER local folder.
From there CERTBOTSERVER would appear to be the WEBSERVER for all /.well-known/challenge/ requests.
or even in the opposite direction:
Where the CERTBOTSERVER maps to the web folder for the WEBSERVER folder directly.
In either case, the CERTBOTSERVER could process the requests “locally”.

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