Cffi is broken if compiled with gcc 5.3.1

I have new installed letsencrypt (with letsencrypt-auto) one week before and all was o.k.
Then I made a new installation again with letsencrypt-auto. But after them I cannot use
letsencrypt-auto becaus of “Segmentation fault”.

After many searches I found, that the problem is the file

  • made with gcc 5.2.1 and all was o.k.
  • made with gcc 5.3.1 this file is broken

Please can you find a solution for this?

Ciao, Joachim

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It appears to be a bug in gcc 5.3.1 (which seems to be a pre-release). Bug reported here: (via If possible, downgrade to 5.3.0 for now to avoid this.

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