Certtbot failure on Ubuntu 20.04

certbot version 0.40.0 installed on Ubuntu 20.04 server.

certbot certonly --nginx

Fails with "Could not choose appropriate plugin: The requested plugin does not appear to be installed"

Any hints?

Yes. The plugin you're looking for is in another package.

But that's not the issue. You should install certbot using snap, see on certbot.eff.org

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Snap is not available. What other package is required?

You're probably looking for Ubuntu – Details of package python3-certbot-nginx in focal-updates.

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Are you married to the idea that only certbot can solve the problem?


Not at all. If there is anyway to sett this up without snap I'm all ears.

You can install it using pip (certbot.eff.org > platform:other > software:pip)

Or you can use any other acme client you like.

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