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Hi, we have a www.adm-srl.it site on our "aruba" provider, who has also created an SSL certificate for the site.
Now, we have a zimbra server on a local installation on Ubuntu 18.04 with the name zimbra.adm-srl.it, which works fine. We would need to create a certificate for zimbra so that outlook does not "detect" non-certified servers. We have moved the dns servers from aruba to cloudflare. How could I proceed to create a certificate also for zimbra correctly? I have full access to the shell. Thanks for the replies

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Hi @vettalex

it's always the same.

Start with some required basics:

Then select a client.

If you don't have and don't need a running webserver, Certbot has a standalone option you can use.



It is not clear if they use, or will be using, cloudflare cdn for the webmail FQDN.
So it may be worth noting before they go down a path that might be a dead-end that standalone by default (through cloudflare cdn) may fail.
[and I don't think standalone will work with --webroot]

But there is always the DNS auth option; So it may be complicated, but it is NOT impossible.

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