Certificte Let's encrypt, It's totally free

I want to know if the Let's encrypt certificate is totally free, or after 90 days I have to pay for a certificate.

It's free, and after 60 days you should get another, and that's free as well, every 60 days.

Don't use the full 90 days, keep some safety in case renewals fail.


9peppe is correct and here is the official reference


Thanks for the answer. If the 90 days pass, I can no longer activate a free certificate. See, since I use this instruction: sudo gitlab-ctl reconfigure
to renew the certificate, but when I finish executing, it still does not activate the certificate.

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You can always get free certs from LetsEncrypt - ALWAYS

Did you restart that service?


Did you follow gitlab's instructions on setting this up?

gitlab can handle everything automatically.

if you did a manual installation, you may have referenced the archived certificates in your configuration and not the symlinks.


to configure the certificate edit the gitlab.rb file and modify the following variable:

registry_nginx['ssl_certificate'] =""
registry_nginx['ssl_certificate_key'] =""

then restart the respective services and also the server

thanks for your answers i was able to fix it by running:

/usr/bin/certbot renew

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