Certificates for Access Point

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I have a simple question. I need to generate certificate for Fortinet devices. Is possibile to obtain this free service by yours? Or is your services only for web site?


Yes, you can use Let’s Encrypt certificates for e.g. a Fortinet VPN SSL certificate, it is permitted by the key usages.

The complication comes in the renewal and automation of the certificate. Fortinet devices currently don’t support ACME natively in their software, so you would have to manually import a renewed certificate at least every 90 days, or find out some way to script it.

Thanks for your answare. I need the certificate for the Fortinet AP (you see screenshoot). Is There a specifc procedure that you do make?


The problem is that device creates a CSR with a MAC address and not with domain. Do you have a solution for me? TKS

Let’s Encrypt issues Domain Validated (DV) certificates. You will need a publicly accessible domain that can be used for validation. You can read more about how certs are issued and the requirements here:

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