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I created my first LE cert for my Apache servers yesterday. I need to create a SSL cert for my Fortinet 60E firewall. I went on the Apache server and it only sees the 5 URL for my web sites. How can I add to it?

I added a DNS record on Godaddy for

I have a script that allows me to generate a CSR and Private Key that I use for Godaddy. Is it possible to create the CSR and Private Key and use it with Let's Encrypt?


I am using FortiOS 7.2.6. I just got off the phone with TAC. FortiOS doesn't work with generating the cert for Let's Encrypt. They recommended a CSR and Private Key approach.

Are you going to use the fortigate as the TLS termination/proxy point [i.e. HTTPS inspection]?
If not, then the gate won't need the cert for your web site(s).

3 Likes is the admin portal name to use SSL port security. I don't access it with HTTP only HTTPS and an alternative port.

How many Internet IPs do you have?
[sounds like only one]


My Fortinet 60E has two WAN connections: AT&T Fiber and Comcast in SD-WAN. I was going to work on getting the web server to be dual honed.

Fortinet TAC has a ticket opened. The previous version had more options.

I would replace the Fortigate with a Netgate since the latter has an ACME client in their official packages.

Your original question appears to be covered in the Certbot FAQ.

Can I use an existing private key or Certificate Signing Request (CSR) with Certbot?


In 20+ years of working with firewalls, I never heard of Netgate. My Fortinet 60E has two WAP that are integrated into its FortiOS in my house. Fortinet is moving the issue to the Dev Team. I will be calling a manager I know at Fortinet about this.

That is likely part of the problem.
I mean, that was a known problem with certain versions of FortiOS [I don't recall exactly which ones].


I find it hard to believe that you never heard of pfSense, but who knows.

Hopefully you can get what you need from the FAQ link I shared.


pfSense is a name I heard of. Some of my friends use them. I am on 7.2.6. They CLI has acme settings in it.

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