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After generating the certificate, When I testing my certificate with sslshopper, i am getting the below warning and no errors on generated certificates for my domain.

None of the common names in the certificate match the name that was entered (mydomaintest.com). You may receive an error when accessing this site in a web browser. Learn more about name mismatch errors.

Thanks in Advance
Rajkumar S

Hi @srajkumar1986

what's your domain name?


you probably issued a certificate not matching the domain name you are using. Or if you manage more than one site, probably using another certificate from another site which is of course not valid.

Can you access your site via a browser? Be sure to use https. https://mydomaintest.com. Can you report what you see?

Hi @JuergenAuer,

Check the below testing results of warnings.

Below is no errors / warnings.

Checking your website https://zombiegardenproject.com/ direct: The certificate is only valid for


So the warning is ok. How did you create the certificate?

If your website works with two domains


you have to create and install one certificate with these two names. Your


has only one name.


PS: https://zombiegardenproject.pohostaging.com/ works correct.

Thank you @JuergenAuer,

I have tried the way your approach with multiple domain with the same certificate, and its worked well. thanks again

Rajkumar s

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