Certificate renewals suceeded but it doesn't work!

Hello, community!

I have this problem in this domain www.roodot.com: yesterday the certificate was expired and today I’ trying to update it.

I used this commands letsencrypt-auto and certbot, both return a good result, but the site continues to display a no update certificate. How can I resolve?

Did you restart your webserver software?

The screenshot you posted suggests that you used the --dry-run flag? That’s only for testing; you need to remove it in order for anything to actually change.

While this is of course very good to check, if --dry-run says the certificates aren't up for renewal, they aren't up for renewal :wink: Therefore, the topicstarter should have a valid certificate in his /letsencrypt/ folder.

@argex I see you're using the webroot plugin. If restarting the webserver as @bytecamp remarked didn't work, check the following:
How did you install the certificates? Manually? Did you copy the certificates from the /etc/letsencrypt/live/ directory to somewhere else and used the latter files? Or do you link directly to the files in /etc/letsencrypt/live/?

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