Certificate Renewal Stuck on Installing Pythong Packages

Basically this exact same thing has happened again (same server too…) - Certbot not auto-renewing on Amazon Linux EC2

The solution last time was to bump up the server, which seemed to solve the issue - but this doesn’t look to be the case this time.

I’ve just bumped up the AWS EC2 server from a t2.large to a t2.2xlarge (8vCPUs + 32GB RAM) - and it stuck on “Creating virtual environment…” for around 30 minutes, now it’s been stuck on “Installing Python packages…” for about 45 minutes.

Any ideas on how to solve?

I’ve even tried deleting the certbot-auto file and re-downloading in case there was something that got corrupt on that file, but same issue.


Literally 5 minutes after I posted this - it completed.

No-one could ever understand last time it happened why it happened in the first place. It would be really good to understand the root cause of this as it eats up a significant amount of time dealing with these issues when they come up (thankfully infrequently…).


low on disk space?
or low on memory?
or very busy cpu?

Over 100GB Disk space available
Memory and CPU both around 20%

With it being a non-live system, it’s not like it was getting hammered.

What always seemed to happen is that whenever the command was run the renew the certificate, the CPU went to 100% and toppled over the server. Very odd indeed.

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Sounds like you may not have the correct client, or version, for that system.
But I’m not the expert on any of that…

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