Certificate on server is different from the new certificate


we do have let’s encrypt cert on our domain: example.com (fake)
we are not able to update cert using getssl tool. Here is result of update try.
do You have any idea, what we do wrong?

#./getssl -f example.com

Registering account

Verify each domain

Verifying example.com

example.com is already validated

Verification completed, obtaining certificate.

Certificate saved in /root/.getssl/example.com/example.com.crt

The intermediate CA cert is in /root/.getssl/example.com/chain.crt

copying domain certificate to /etc/ssl/example.com.crt

copying private key to /etc/ssl/example.com.key

copying CA certificate to /etc/ssl/chain.crt

reloading SSL services

getssl: example.com - certificate obtained but certificate on server is different from the new certificate

There is not enough detail to be sure...
That said, I can guess that you might have multiple vhost files; where the one which had the cert updated is not the one being used for the requested domain.
You should review all your vhost files to insure they are using the correct server_names, server_aliases, IP(s), port(s), and corresponding certs.
And they don't contain any TYPOs; like:
*.80 or *.443 instead of *:80 or *:443
"sub-domain.com" instead of "sub.domain.com"


Thanks for your answer.

Finally, we solved our problem. Misconfiguration issue. Completely our fault.
Sorry for wasting your time.

thanx again and have a nice day.



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