Certificate on local server with locked 80 port

My domain is: rol.johnnydement.com

Hi, I'm triing to create a certificate for a role playing game server (FoundryVTT) hosted on a computer in my house. We've been using it for over a year already, but to add voice/video support we need to certificate it. I've managed to do so with self-signed certificates, but one of the players don't feel safe with nag screen :man_facepalming:t3: so decided to go the other route...

My server is a Windows 10 machine, I log into the server with rol.johnnydement.com:30000, I've got a dinamic subdomain addressed through google domains.

I've tried to certificate with certbot, but my damn ISP has 80 port locked for router management :roll_eyes:, so I can't use certbot auto mode for that, and any other routes are beyond my knowledge...

Is there any easy, or well explained solution a noob could follow? :sweat_smile:


Hi @Johnnydement


You can switch to dns validation.

Then only a dns entry is required, no A-record, no running webserver.

certbot --preferred-challenges dns ...


If your DNS is hosted by Google, you may be able to use the certbot-dns-google plugin to automate doing the DNS challenges through it.

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