Certificate mixup after moving some applications to another server


I’m hosting some applications on my server (, server A). But now I’m running out of space so I rented another server (, server B). My (important) subdomains are:

mcmyadmin.darkspirit510.de (stays on server A)
gitlab.darkspirit510.de (moves to server B)
ldap.darkspirit510.de (moves to server B)
jenkins.darkspirit510.de (moves to server B)

I copied my sites-available-configs to server B and requested my certificates like

certbot --apache -d gitlab.darkspirit510.de

The subdomains ldap and jenkins are working correctly. The subdomain gitlab.darkspirit510.de gets requested without any errors, but when opening it with any browser it says the certificate is registred to mcmyadmin.darkspirit510.de. I even tried to force the renewal, but it still points to domain on the other server.

Can anyone give me advices how to fix this issue?

Additional Info: I have root access to both servers and dns records. Both servers are running ubuntu and apache.


It looks fine to me - maybe you just need to clear a local DNS cache or remove an entry from your hosts file?


Hi @darkspirit510

I can see the new version. The certificate is created Friday, 2018-08-03, so it’s new. Wait one or two days :wink:


I just checked on another computer - it’s really working. Strange… So it’s all fine (except this firefox and IE SSL cache)

Thank you for your tip!


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