Certificate hostname does not match site hostname_2

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to this so maybe my question has already been asked and handled. I’ve tried to look for similar topic but could not find one to match my question. I’m getting an error for each time a go to a domain names which is hosted on my server.

Hostname doesn’t match.

If I look at the details of the certificate I see

Naam onderwerp
Normale naam : 808gfxstudios.com (which is a domain on my server)

Naam verstrekker:
Land : US
Organisatie : Let’s Encrypt
Normale naam : Let’s Encrypt Authority X3

Can you help me out?

The certificate is valid for your domain name, but not for www.808gfxstudios.com.
How did you issue the certificate?

nginx on parallels plesk
most likely certbot was used

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