Certificate for Static IP

We are planning to put our internal site online some time soon.
We already own a static IP, but I could not find anywhere if you will be issuing certificates for it.
So the question is: will your service support certificates for static IP, or do we need to get domain name in order to get the certificate?

Let’s Encrypt will only issue certificates for domain names, not for IP addresses. So to get a Let’s Encrypt certificate, you should register a domain name and then request a certificate for that name.

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Thanks for the answer.
It might be good idea to put this into the FAQ.

Hello ivan. Almost all ssl certificates are issues for domain names. While some may only allow one server at a time (ip address), normal ssl certificates are always issued for domain names. :smiley:

I am afraid it is a bit more complicated than that, technically speaking. .
There is also an industry wide adoption of not following this practice. So while it may be feasable now, in a years time it will not be possible.
Industry Push statement
(I do have a self signed cert sitting in front of my IP though…)