Certificate expiration alerts for a domain I don't own


Hello. I keep getting e-mail alerts about certificate expiration for a domain cloud.gmtbeauty.com (which I do not own), two of them so far, the first one on April 12 and the second one today, on April 23. I have a valid certificate for my domain cloud.maximov.space which expires in two month and is renewed via a systemd timer. Do I need to take some action here?


If you don’t own the domain name and this domain is not hosted on your systems, just ignore the reminder.


If the domains are not yours you could click the “unsubscribe” link. This will prevent future messages from Let’s Encrypt’s expiration warning service to that email.


To emphasize, unsubscribing would also stop you from receiving alerts to the same address for your own certificates. If you use Let’s Encrypt, you would have to change the email address associated with your accounts. (Perhaps from user@example.com to user+123@example.com, if your email provider supports it.)

There have been bugs where a shared web host’s control panel assigned Customer A’s certificates to Customer B’s email address, but cloud.gmtbeauty.com and cloud.maximov.space don’t currently look related. Maybe both of you used the same web host back in February or so? Or you have similar email addresses and there was a typo.


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