Certificate details

My domain is: itmart.kz

Problem: http://prntscr.com/q3r0l6
Why is the subdomain name displayed?

Must be itmart.kz

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checking your domain you have one certificate - https://check-your-website.server-daten.de/?q=itmart.kz

With 40 domain names:

expires in 69 days	aktau.itmart.kz, aktobe.itmart.kz, atyrau.itmart.kz, ekibastuz.itmart.kz, itmart.kz, 
karaganda.itmart.kz, kokshetau.itmart.kz, kostanay.itmart.kz, kyzylorda.itmart.kz, pavlodar.itmart.kz, 
petropavlovsk.itmart.kz, rudnyi.itmart.kz, semey.itmart.kz, shymkent.itmart.kz, taldykorgan.itmart.kz, 
taraz.itmart.kz, temirtau.itmart.kz, turkestan.itmart.kz, uralsk.itmart.kz, ust-kamenogorsk.itmart.kz, 
www.aktau.itmart.kz, www.aktobe.itmart.kz, www.atyrau.itmart.kz, www.ekibastuz.itmart.kz, 
www.itmart.kz, www.karaganda.itmart.kz, www.kokshetau.itmart.kz, www.kostanay.itmart.kz, 
www.kyzylorda.itmart.kz, www.pavlodar.itmart.kz, www.petropavlovsk.itmart.kz, www.rudnyi.itmart.kz, 
www.semey.itmart.kz, www.shymkent.itmart.kz, www.taldykorgan.itmart.kz, www.taraz.itmart.kz, 
www.temirtau.itmart.kz, www.turkestan.itmart.kz, www.uralsk.itmart.kz, 
www.ust-kamenogorsk.itmart.kz - 40 entries

So 39 domains have the "wrong" name -> the CN has only one domain name.

-->> It's not really a problem.

-->> You may change the order of your domains in your command, the first domain is used.

Result: Ignore it.


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