Certificate cannot renew

Hello there,
im new in using lets encrypt certificate. I’ve been using cpanel hosted on ifastnet.com which provided me option to generate lets encrypt and automatically set it up. My certificate has expired 2 days ago, so i thought that it may take a while till it renews automatically, but it hasnt so far.
I tried to reinstal whole certificate, but domain still shows up the older one.

Also i’ve been searching through other questions with the same topic and there was also mention about cloudflare, which is currently active with my domain. Is it the reason of failiture?

Domain: chickenluck.space
Hosted on: https://ifastnet.com/
cPanel Version: 82.0 (build 15)
Apache Version: 2.4.41

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Hi @Krystofoxik

there is an older check of your domain, ~~ one hour old - https://check-your-website.server-daten.de/?q=chickenluck.space

The non-www version isn't secure.

But rechecked your domain, now all works, there is a new Letsencrypt certificate:

expires in 90 days	chickenluck.space, www.chickenluck.space - 2 entries

Looks like you have already found a solution :+1:

If you use Cloudflare, a working certificate is required. Now you may add Cloudflare again.


Seems like it just took a while for update =)
Thanks for your time!

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