Certificate and Chain Saved, but I Can't Seem To Implement It Correctly

I followed this tutorial https://www.paulwakeford.info/2015/11/24/letsencrypt/ and I seemed to have it all down. I ended up getting the ‘Congratulations, your certificate and chain have been saved’, and I can read the Cert and Private key. I copy and pasted the certificate and private key when I clicked on ‘Install New Certificate’ which can be seen from the below screenshot. I just pasted the Cert into ‘Install New CA Certificate’ as well, is that the right thing to do?

My issue is that when you go to the https version of my site, It says the following ‘The identity of this website has not been verified.Server’s certificate does not match the URL.’


I’m just not sure what to do here, can you folks see any alarming issue that I’m doing wrong from my description of what I did or by looking at the padlock info on the site?

Here is a screenshot of the SSL tab on my hosting provider.

You can’t use a cert for www.carepackage.ie on carepackage.ie, you need to get a cert for all the names you will use it with (use multiple -d flags).

Hello @btnyhan,

Right now neither www.carepackage.ie nor carepackage.ie are resolving so you have a dns issue because your dns domains (ns1.blacknight.com and ns2.blacknight.com) doesn’t known anything about your domain so it is hard to check what is going with your server but what we can say is that your Let’s Encrypt certificate is only valid for www.carepackage.ie not for carepackage.ie check it here https://crt.sh/?id=15833879

You should issue your certificate specifying all the domains that should be included in your certificate -d carepackage.ie -d www.carepackage.ie

Edit: Sorry, I didn’t see that @cool110 answered while I was writing this post.


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