Certbot with Apache2 - Certificate name mismatch

My os is ubuntu with apache2. I have multiple subdomains which are already setup with letsencrypt a month before. I created another subdomain on the same server and tried to applied the certificate with cmd “sudo certbot --apache certonly” and restarted the apache, the ssl is not applied to newly created domain, also I checked the ssl status for the newly created subdomain with online tool.site “https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/” it is showing certificate name mismatch and also it is showing the name for other subdomain in the result.
What is the solution for this?

Why did you add certonly? That way, the certificate won’t be installed automatically…

so what cmd should I need to run?

The same command, but without certonly.

does it create problem to other subdomain? I am working on live

It should not give any problems to other subdomains. But in the end it’s your call to work directly on live systems instead of testing.

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