Certbot windows renewal task not running

So I have just discovered that the windows installer sets the certbot renewal task to only run when a user is logged in. It hadn't run since August and I got an email that some certs were going to expire. Worked just fine when I logged in and manually triggered the task. The machine is installed on a virtual machine that really never has a user log into it as it is dedicated to certbot.

Before I create a new task to run always on my own, I wanted to see if there was an important reason for this? I figure it looks like an automatically created task so when I make changes to it they might be overwritten on update?

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Although possible, and here I have not looked at the actual code, in the past certbot has only concerned itself with that on initial install. So here I will differ to the coders to review: @certbot-devs
For their review and understanding, please post the complete certbot version number in use.

That said, there are safeguards to help protect us from certificate lapses.
Like: Email notifications - you should always register an email address with your cert requests.

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I think this has been triaged already: https://github.com/certbot/certbot/issues/8420


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