`certbot renew --dry-run`, but with acme.sh

I read the usage page but I must be somehow distracted, I cant find a way to tell acme.sh to try a renewal just to see if it works.

Hi @9peppe

I’m not firm with acme.sh.

But the answer should be simple:

  • use the test system and
  • don’t install the certificate

I can’t even seem to find a good summary of options or how to use acme.sh anyway. No offence to @Neilpang because acme.sh is great, but the Wiki main page only contains “How to install” which is good, but after it, there is no “How to use in general”. Something about proxmox (?!? I don’t even know what it is… Why is it the second item on the main page?), something about pkcs12 which easily could have gone into some kind of FAQ page, something about running it on Windows, which could have gotten its own page. But nothing about “How to renew”, “How to issue a certificate”. Too bad, because like I said, acme.sh is GREAT!

The best summary I found is this: https://github.com/acmesh-official/acme.sh/wiki/Options-and-Params :smiley:

acme.sh --cron
acme.sh --issue

I’m trying to put together the option to do what @JuergenAuer said, I’m at

acme.sh --test --cron

I don’t want to add --force because I don’t know if it’ll replace my certs with staging ones, I’m reading the source to discover it. :smiley:

[quote=“9peppe, post:4, topic:116012”]
The best summary I found is this: https://github.com/acmesh-official/acme.sh/wiki/Options-and-Params :smiley:[/quote]

Where the heck did you find that? It should be like, on top of the Wiki page! :astonished:

I’m not actually an acme.sh user :wink:

Neither was I a month ago

it looks like it would, I see no special treatment for the staging endpoints.

Just read the main readme file: https://github.com/acmesh-official/acme.sh

It should be enough for 90% users.

acme.sh wants to be powerful but simple.

Here are a lot of wki pages on the right side of the main wiki page:

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@Neilpang Perhaps you could put the Options and Params page more explicitly on the Wiki homepage? The Readme doesn’t link to it either.

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Neil, what I think I need is a command that lets me do something similar to

acme.sh --test --force --cron

but without saving the obtained certificates to disk. (it would be cool if there’s also a way to ignore cached autorizations). is there a way already or should I make my own sauce?

I found the feature request, and I tried implementing it inside but I soon realized that feature would be all over the script, anyhow, this is my untested way of checking it. If the “main” acme.sh doesn’t have a staging account, it will register one each time, be careful; if it has it will use cached authorizations, so, yeah… not good.

#!/usr/bin/env sh

TEMPDIR=$(mktemp -d)



sed -i '/^Le_Real/d' *.*/*.conf
sed -i '/^Le_Reload/d' *.*/*.conf


./acme.sh --test --cron --force

rm -r "$TEMPDIR"

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