Certbot not making authorization request

Hi @_az

I was facing similar problems on ubuntu 18.04 with staging so went through the process of enabling the ppa and updating python3-acme as per the suggestions on this thread. After that running certbot with renew --dry-run --test-cert now returns with “Congratulations”, but all is not what it seems …

It only appears to work, but the certbot staging server is never actually making the authorization request. I can demonstrate this for example with:

certbot renew --webroot -w /opt/ --test-cert --dry-run -v

(/opt is not in my webroot)

The same command also returns Congratulations if I completely stop my apache2 web server and run again.

This is defeating the purpose of the dry run as what I am trying to test is whether I have my permissions settings correct on the Location for .well-known/acme-challenge. I don’t believe this is expected behaviour, or if it is then it has changed.

Any ideas?

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It would seem that the authorization has been previously (recently) approved and cached (to save time and resources).
I don’t know how to “force” it to revalidate, nor to expire the existing cached validation, other than by using a new and previously unused “test” name.

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OK. I can also give it a while and try again. Any idea how long it is cached for?

I would assume no more than 30 days.
[But since I can’t even tell you when it was last cached, I would take that with a grain of salt.]
Or maybe open a topic on: “How long are authorizations cached?” and see what happens…

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